DC Solar United Neighborhoods

We are working with other communities to build a network of neighborhoods committed to solar energy and taking real action to reduce our dependence on carbon polluting energy.

DC Solar Rebate

We are a member of Community Power Network, a national coalition of groups that support community-based renewable energy.

Welcome to the Mt. Pleasant Solar Cooperative - Scene with sunny Mt. Pleasant rooftops and a sun-ray background.

Sister Coops

Contact us for help starting your own neighborhood coop or check to see if one already exists where you live.

Capital Hill Solar Coop

The Capitol Hill Energy Cooperative was formed in 2008 to address renewable energy and environmental issues that are of concern to neighbors in the Capitol Hill area of Washington, D.C.

Contact: Mike Barrette
Web Site

Georgetown Solar Coop

Georgetown Energy was founded in the fall of 2009 by a team of Georgetown University students with the conviction that solar energy is central to America's energy future.

Web Site

Mt. Pleasant Solar Coop

Mt. Pleasant Solar Coop is open to all residents of Ward I.

Contact: Anya Schoolman
Web Site

Mt. Vernon Solar Coop

Solar Mt. Vernon is a group that is serious about bringing solar power to their northern Virginia community.

Contact: Eleanor Whitaker

Palisades Solar Coop

Contact: Steve Waller

Petworth Solar Coop

Petworth Green Co-op is a community of people who live in the Petworth neighborhood in Washington, DC who care about making their homes and community eco-friendly.

Contact: Roshani Kothari
Web Site

Shepherd Park Solar Coop

Contact: Pat Bailey

Ward 8 Solar Coop

Contacts: J.L. Ashley and Akili West
E-mail J.L.
E-mail Akili