DC Solar United Neighborhoods

We are working with other communities to build a network of neighborhoods committed to solar energy and taking real action to reduce our dependence on carbon polluting energy.

DC Solar Rebate

We are a member of Community Power Network, a national coalition of groups that support community-based renewable energy.

Welcome to the Mt. Pleasant Solar Cooperative - Scene with sunny Mt. Pleasant rooftops and a sun-ray background.


We are an association of 70-plus households in the Mt. Pleasant community of the District of Columbia. We were founded in the fall of 2006 by neighbors Anya Schoolman and Jeff Morley and their teenage sons, Walter Lynn and Diego Arene-Morley, because of the urgent need we felt to reduce our impact on global warming.

Two ideas led us to the coop model.

First, if we were going to go through all the work to figure out how to install solar technology, we decided we would have more impact by including more people in the project.

Second, we needed a way to make solar power less expensive. We hoped that through bulk purchase, and sharing expenses and expertise we could significantly bring down the cost.

Our immediate goal was to make solar affordable, easy and widely available in our neighborhood. Our ultimate goal was to demonstrate a successful model and then roll out that approach across all neighborhoods in D.C.

The idea is that members will merely have to sign up—and they will get solar power installed on their roof.